Give Me a Brake | Investment Campaign
Award winning wireless braking technology. For use with rollerski, sports and mobility equipment and much more.
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Investment Campaign

RollerSafe invites private and professional investors to participate in the international expansion of RS Smart Brake Technology (TM) – the most advanced brake solution available for Mobility, Sports and Kids Safety.


Top 3 reasons to invest in RollerSafe:

  • Multipurpose technology with strong health and welfare impact
  • Experienced team and solid Intellectual Property
  • Global market potential, attractive margins


If these factors are what you look for in your next venture investment, we would like to hear from you!


The handgrip challenge

Millions of elderly and disabled kids/adults lack handgrip strength and body mobility to operate manual brakes on their equipment. Lack of functional brakes put barriers on where and how they move and limit their participation in everyday activity. With the significant growth in number of elderly over the next 30 years, the demand for smarter and more tailored equipment will be stronger than ever.


RS Smart Brake Technology ™

RollerSafe has developed and patented the most advanced brake technology for mobility, sports and kids safety. The compact and wireless brake can easily fit with a range of equipment. The brake force can be adjusted via mobile app to meet user preferences (providing a soft brake for any weight and speed level). The brake will require 0-10% handgrip strength vs traditional wire-based brakes. The wireless remote will enable users to control the brake in any situation.

We plan to launch a commercial product series of RS Smart Brake ™ for mobility equipment (rollators, wheelchairs, bikes) during first half 2019. We work together with industrial customers to test prototypes, tailored to user needs per application.


Market potential

Addressable market for RS Smart Brake ™ within mobility is estimated to 500-750 mill EUR. In addition comes applications in Sports and Kids Safety. The product series will be distributed through OEM, distributors and direct to consumers (

RS Smart Brake ™ is already approved by NAV (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration) for our first commercial product series within sports equipment for disabled. We also distribute the sports product series to consumers world wide.


Experienced team, solid track record

The team behind RS Smart Brake ™ has accumulated more than 100 years of experience from industrial design, mechanics, electronics, IPR and business development. Since 2013, the team has won several product and design awards for the disruptive innovation.

Meet the RollerSafe team.

The technology has been developed in cooperation with leading international R&D organisations. In 2018, RollerSafe was appointed member of the leading technology cluster, Norway Health Tech.


Investment opportunity

To fund the commercialisation and international growth for the new product series, we invite investors with interest in disruptive health technology to join our journey.


For more information and scheduled investor meetings:, +47 913 10 218.