Give Me a Brake | Research-based, lean innovation
Award winning wireless braking technology. For use with rollerski, sports and mobility equipment and much more.
Rollersafe, Givemeabrake, wireless brake technology, brake, safety, rollerski
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Research-based, lean innovation

The disruptive innovation has been developed in a rare combination of basic research and practical prototyping.

Together with leading R&D partners, research is performed on brake force physics, advanced materials, human biometrics and connectivity of devices.

Our team of developers have incorporated research input to design and produce prototypes of the brake technology. With in-house facilities and skills, the team is able to design, print and test new prototypes in a few days. The testing is done in cooperation with R&D partners, to make sure relevant research and user needs are incorporated.

This is lean innovation in practice.

Example of research conducted:

  • RollerSafe and CatoSenteret were awarded funding from Norwegian Research Council to perform user studies among elderly and disabled – focus areas: Handgrip strength (biometrics) body mobility and user needs for brakes on mobility equipment
  • RollerSafe employed an internship student from Harvard University, with focus on mechanical engineering of the brake technology towards sports products
  • RollerSafe has cooperated with master students from NTNU, NMBU and other universities to evaluate brake solutions and sensor technology