Give Me a Brake | Safety first – no compromise
Award winning wireless braking technology. For use with rollerski, sports and mobility equipment and much more.
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Safety first – no compromise

RS Smart Brake Technology (TM) is developed with several safety measures included:

  • For some solutions (e.g. skis), the system comes with dual brake system: 2 separate brake units that work independent
  • For all solutions, a fail-safe procedure is included in the software: In case of power shortage or technology failure, the brake will slowly go into full brake force. Users can safely release the brake and continue their journey.

The technology has been tested extensively during more than 6 years, both in custom-built test rigs, and outdoor in all weather conditions. The electronics are protected with sealed covers, enabling for use in rain, salty conditions and rough terrain. All components have been thoroughly selected and tested for material tolerance.