Give Me a Brake | RS Smart Brake Technology
Award winning wireless braking technology. For use with rollerski, sports and mobility equipment and much more.
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RS Smart Brake Technology

RollerSafe Smart Brake (TM) is the most advanced multipurpose brake technology for Mobility, Sports and Kids Safety. The award-winning innovation provides easy and safe speed control in any situation. The platform technology consists of 3 key features:

  • RS remote trigger for wireless control of the brakes, through radio frequency. The brake trigger has 80-400 points resolution, ensuring a “seamless” brake force adjustment. Due to the wireless connection, the trigger requires very limited handgrip strength or mobility to operate (0-10% of standard manual brakes). The remote trigger can be mounted anywhere, and be activated in different formats (e.g. brake handle, pistol trigger, touch pads or movement sensors.
  • Brake system consisting of either hydraulic pump controlling disc brake pads, or actuator/servo brake solutions. The brakes are fueled by rechargeable batteries (USB).
  • The brake force can be customized to the users’ preferences (weight, race profile, etc) through the RS Safety App. This enables users of different weight to use the same equipment, and get equally soft brake.