Give Me a Brake | Technology
Award winning wireless braking technology. For use with rollerski, sports and mobility equipment and much more.
Rollersafe, Givemeabrake, wireless brake technology, brake, safety, rollerski
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Multipurpose brake technology


RollerSafe Smart Brake ™ is the most advanced electronic brake technology platform for Mobility, Sports and Kids Safety. The need for an easy, soft and adjustable brake can be found among all types of wheel-based equipment.

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Soft Grip


The RS remote trigger operates the brake via Radio Frequency technology. With 400 points resolution, wireless communication and flexible design, the brake can be operated even without handgrip. This create significant value for elderly, disabled and kids.

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Customize your brake


The Bluetooth-connected brake technology enable users to customise the brake force through RS Safety App. Thus, different users on the same equipment can get a soft brake tailored to their preferences.

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Safety first


We make no compromise on safety; our technology comes with fail-safe procedures included in the software, and two separate (dual) brake systems for applications where this is needed. The RS Smart Brake Technology has been thoroughly tested during more than 6 years.

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Award winning innovation

RS Smart Brake Technology has received several design awards, high ranking in leading product tests, and most importantly; very positive feedback from our customers and users.

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